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FAQ on Repairs

Appliance Repair FAQs:

Q: How do I stop spots for appearing on my dishes?
A: You can buy a wetting agent dispenser, that you could fill periodically. This wetting agent helps make your water wetter and prevent spotting on your dishes. If you have hard water you might consider changing detergents to a detergent that has anti spotting effects.

Q: Why does my washer shake all the time when it runs?
A: If you’re washing machine is level and on all 4 feet, your issue could be a loading or the sorting problem. Make sure to always load and even amount of clothes. And when sorting your clothes by weight make sure to balance off correctly. For example, towel are very heavy when wet, and shirts are less heavy when wet in comparison.

Q: My dryer takes so long to dry my clothes, why?
A: This problem is normally caused from clogging. You might be having a restriction in a vent or the distance from the dryer vent to outside is too long. A quick way to resolve this problem is to turn on the dryer without any clothes and see that you have the correct amount of airflow equals the amount of air exhausting oxygen from the dryer without the vents attached.

Q: Why is my refrigerator running warmer than usual?
A: Your condenser coils are probably dirty they should be cleaned every 4 to 6 months. If you’re condenser coils are not cleaned not only will this affect the temperature warming but it will also affect the life of the compressor and can lead to an expensive repair in the future.

Q: Why are the sides of my refrigerator too hot to touch?
A: Some refrigerator models have condenser coils pushed into their walls. If the refrigerator or freezer has forced condensers under the unit, and if there are not cleaned, then the sides of the refrigerator will warm up and be too hot to touch.


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